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Still okay. Still no power or heat at the apartment. Water, yes, gas, yes, but they haven't turned the power back on. I'm guessing they have to have the basement pass inspection first; there were workmen ripping stuff out of the basement when I got home yesterday and an unbelievable amount of stuff stacked at the kerb today when I got up. I would not mind this so much if it weren't for the fact that every other apartment building on the block has power. Please please please please please, landlord, PSE&G, please, finish whatever you have to do to get my building back up on its feet.

I'm waiting for my devices to recharge before going out in search of a laundromat that works.

I emptied the fridge out the other day, finally. should I be worried that several sticks of butter were in exactly the same condition they would have been had it been an operational fridge?

Oh, and I have to say- my experiment in no-shampoo work turned out to be useful. It's far easier to clean your hair with baking soda solution and rinse it with vinegar solution fresh from the stove top than it is to get up a head of lather with shampoo and water from the stove. So at least my hair is clean, and I can get some sponge bathing in.

98% on the laptop, 96% on the phone. should be able to head out soon.

hope the rest of you are doing okay.
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I'm at a PSE&G charging station in town filling my laptop and phone batteries. The street light outside my home came on last night around 4 AM, but not the power to my apartment or the heat. They're working on it, I know. Optimum wifi reaches the station, so I'm using that right now. When I've got my charging done, I'm going to bike over to a few of the stores in town and then hit City Hall and/or the shelter to volunteer with this mess.

The cats are okay. Kamella slept on top of me last night after giving me a horrible scare- she knocked over a glass candle holder in the dark. Fortunately nobody was hurt and I was able to clean up all the pieces and sweep the area, and the candle had been blown out and there was no liquid wax. I may see about getting an alternative when I get the chance today.

Gas still works to my apartment, so I had soup last night and some of the pie I made the other day, and this morning I heated up water for washing myself up. I'll be hoping we get heat back in the apt. tonight so I can wash my hair after I get home, but I'm not optimistic.

I am aware there is a nor'easter heading in our direction. I'm wondering about mooning that storm as well.

Hope all is well with everyone else.
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Still doing okay. Still no power at my apartment. Spent most of last night making apple slab, so heat was not as much of an issue as it might have been. PSE&G is getting closer to my block in terms of power restoration. It would be nice if the power were on when I got home tonight, but I'm not optimistic about that. I'll be heating up water on the stove for a good wash. In the meantime I can vouch for the fact that Power Shower Wipes work really well as a between-wash substitute for those mornings when it's too damn cold to try anything else.

... yeah, I know, gross, but c'mon. Cold shower in a cold apartment in November. You'd probably only wanna take chances on that every other day too.

May make some kind of cookies tonight. Or something, anyway. Anything that involves using the stove so it'll be warm. Who knows, maybe I'll get enough brain together to start RPing again.

More later.
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Sandy's best efforts to the contrary, I'm all right. I'm at work in Manhattan at the moment because light, power, heat, hot water, etc. are all out of service in my part of Hoboken and there is no point to sitting around in the dark with horrible communication options when I can go somewhere that lets me work, charge my devices, and be warm.

Cats & company are fine too.

NY Waterway is running until 6:30 PM so I'll be catching one of the later ferries out.

Thought folks should know.


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