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I realized yesterday that I had a number of beads in my stash with colors similar to Shula's. Wound up getting some supplemental beads and making a ring with those colored beads in it as a kind of remembrance so I could do it without feeling mawkish.

Knowing him, he'd try to paw this thing off my finger and swat it around the kitchen until it wound up under the stove. )
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I wanted to post this yesterday, but couldn't get myself together enough to do it: my cat Shula had a stroke yesterday.

The doctors at Angell Animal Medical Center are wonderful people, but they'd apparently found other underlying medical problems that had never turned up before.

Shula is with Bast now.

I miss you, fuzzy boo.
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Well, he's still hissing when he gets out of the litterbox, but only a little, and he's using it properly and not working himself into operating in reverse, so I'm declaring victory. The Purina One Urinary Care food is off the list permanently.
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It's too early to declare victory yet, but I think Shula may have had a turnaround. After the last round of barfing and worse I switched Shula from Purina One Urinary Health Formula dry food* to Purina Cat Chow Indoor Formula. He's had that dry food before and he quite liked it; I figured if he was going to be eating cat food with a high grain component he should at least get one that was formulated with hairballs and potential weight issues in mind. Last night while I was on the phone and had Kamella in the room with me I heard what sounded like litterbox scraping noises, and while I can't guarantee that it wasn't there before, when I went into the room with the litterbox in it there was... evidence... that he'd had a successful time.

We'll see. If he hasn't made a horrific mess when I come home tonight I'll go with the assumption that he did, in fact, have a success yesterday and keep him off the Purina One.

*He normally gets two small meals of wet food and one of dry per day so that even if he doesn't drink from the water bowl he gets extra water in his diet
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I think I need to talk to the vet again. Shula keeps having problems when it's time to take a dump. I've been giving him Laxatone regularly, and I've been adding pumpkin to his food, and he still only tries to go every other day- and works himself into a state where he briefly operates in reverse first before spending the next twenty to thirty minutes crouching anywhere other than his litterbox. I'm assuming the litterbox avoidance is due to him associating the attempts and the location with pain, as I'm told that happens with cats, but the rest....

He's had trouble before. He's had to stand on his hind legs to go as long as I've known him. If he's got an internal defect I need to accommodate to make this easier for him, that's fine. I'll deal with that. I just need to know what I need to do for him.

(At the moment he's purring happily in my lap, having made horrific messes in the kitchen earlier when I was trying to get some Saturday morning sleep. Ah well. He's a good boy and I love him. I just want this to be easier for him.)


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