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Saw Sing the other day. It's the best Muppet movie I've ever seen that did not actually have Muppets in it.

I have been debating off and on how Nana the old-school show business millionaire retired actress sheep would react to Milliways and am not entirely sure whether she'd see everyone there as some form of anthro animal, or whether she'd think the place was some sort of sanctuary for gorillas with terrible skin diseases.
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Surveying the sheer number of video sites out there with hockey fight clips galore, and the tiny number (so far, one) of sites that have text descriptions of those fights, I am reminded of something I learned long ago from reading wuxia novels: I am not really much good at writing descriptions of fight scenes.

I am debating how to dance around this fact in order to get Ellen's next OOM written, or whether I should just have her come into the Bar prodding her face to verify that her teeth have in fact begun growing properly back into their sockets. That may allow for some entertaining "ooh, ouch! did you see what he just did?" moments in the parts where she and her friends will be watching the holotape of the fight- I'm a big fan of letting people improvise what's happening on the screen in-universe...
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Arbitrary RP decision due to severe lack of background information at : Ms. Maximoff's first name is Danya. Her father David Maximoff did not take well to her moving in with Erik Lensherr instead of marrying him and hasn't really spoken to her much since she got pregnant with the twins. The part where he and his wife live in a retirement village in Prescott, Arizona while Danya and the kids live in Maryland didn't help much.

I don't have other information to go on for the movieverse, so screw it, I'm filling it in with what I see fit.
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I need to get my characters back into Milliways. I've been dealing with work stuff and RL being ill and, well, Fallout 4; I haven't RPed in a while.

When I send Ellen in she's probably going to need some people to come back to Philadelphia with her. Anybody who does M'ways stuff and is interested in post-nuke Philly and/or combat hockey, let me know.

Shephard's gonna be fairly freeform, as usual.

I'm gonna need to start pushing Pacific Rim stuff to happen when I send Stacker in.

And I need to do an EP for Hernan Guerra/Superman of Justice League: Gods and Monsters. Ping me if you're interested.

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I realize with the Fallout 4 trailer and all that I'm probably gonna get a lot of my RP stuff jossed to some degree. Hopefully not too much- I mean, Boston's a long way away from DC, we may not hear much about the Capital, but there's always a chance of Brotherhood of Steel interaction up there, plus Madison Li is written out of FO3 with "she packed up her bags and left for the Commonwealth", so who knows what she might have to say about things that've happened if/when she's encountered.

I am going to approach the interim wait with the attitude that whatever FO4 says or doesn't say about Capital Wasteland-area canon only necessarily holds true for the Fallout universe without contamination from Milliways. The instant cross-dimensional patching began, the Trousers of Time forked. Events in Ellen's leg are not necessarily contradicted or written out of existence. They're just the events that happened because the Lone Wanderer ran out of the tunnels under Springvale School and into the end of the universe, and then kept hopping back and forth. The other trouser leg contains pure-strain canon. Events that occurred there that I like enough and think are plausible enough to have occurred may very well have occurred the same way in the Milliways leg, too. Events that don't make sense with what I've established are another story and stay in their own leg.

If I'm jossed about something seriously historical, or about how this, that, or the other thing worked in-universe, I'll deal with it. (The historical stuff is a real possibility given how much footage the trailer shows of pre-War scenage, and given that the audition script Kotaku got hold of several months ago included people talking about grandparents before the Great War.) But anything that contradicts any events after Ellen ran from the giant ants and into Milliways is subject to the Trousers of Time approach.

I should note that Ellen will consider the other leg of the Trousers to be the weird alternate universe, because no one ever says "Oh, yes, I see what you mean, your reality is real and mine is just a pretend splinter thing" without their universe being defined by more suckitude than Curtis Everett on a bad day. And even then it's iffy (ask some of the characters from certain parts of Dragon Age Inquisition about whether certain things were Real or just Bad Possibilities That Should Not Have Been).

Also I will fight to the figurative death to keep my version of the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel, kthx. Just a warning.

... that being said I really need to find some way to get Ellen to offer more of her chaplain/counseling abilities in Bar, or in other people's worlds if need be, not just her freakish Scourge of God fightin'-and-killin' skillz. I've been wanting to put her forward as an alternate offering for people who might have spiritual needs that don't map neatly to 'oh, yes, you want $DEITY, S/He is over there' for a while now. I'm just not sure how to go about doing that.
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... brain, sweetie, honey, remember how we used to point and laugh and make fun of Star Trek for risking the lives of its most important people on every away mission (and then turn around and shred anybody outside the fandom to bits for saying the same thing because it is different to criticize what you love than it is to criticize what you don't care about)?

Unless you can come up with some means of getting Borealis' dimension-hopping portal technology into PPDC hands without sending literally the only teleporting ship and the head of the Marine Corps (who is trying very hard not to admit that he's probably head of the Navy too thanks to nobody else having a defense-capable ship so far as he knows) to the Anteverse with enough firepower to destroy the Kaiju Masters' ability to open another breach, you're not allowed to involve the Half-Life folken in the Pacific Rim AU plot.

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Not, alas, in the States, at least not as of today. It's called Dragon Blade, it hits Chinese markets on Feb. 19 or possibly 15, not sure which, and it's a big budget (US $65 million) historical costume piece. Takes place in the Han Dynasty and involves China vs. Rome for control of the Silk Road, which ... not so much with the happening really, but alternate histories are always fun. The two lead Romans are played by Adrian Brody (he's the evil Roman) and John Cusack (he's the good Roman- at least I assume he is, since he's on Jackie Chan's side).

I do not care whether this movie turns out good, bad, or The Hell Did I Just Watch. I need to see this movie as soon as it is legally possivle for an American to do so without going to China. And then I have to screencap the hell out of it and find a way to use it to mess with [personal profile] hecu_marine's head.
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Trying to get an icon made before I write Ellen's next OOM. Slight problem: in much the same way that it's all but impossible to find an image of John Cusack properly smiling (he tends to keep his lips shut and turn the corners of his mouth up a little bit), it's amazingly difficult to find images of Will Smith looking battered enough to be plausible as a post-nuclear-apocalyptic warlord.

I shall prevail.
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dear brain:

coughing up over a thousand words of SURPRISE WRONG AFTERLIFE fic about one of our RP characters is not really the response you should have to sleep deprivation. sleep is a good thing and we need to do it more often. could you maybe try spitting out the fic after a long night's rest instead, maybe? let the subconscious do the pre-processing or something? I could live with that.


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Apparently the Fallout Bible 5 indicated that penguins were extinct in the Fallout universe, but that the status of hippos and elephants was unknown. Normally I try to use material from the Fallout Bibles (interviews with the developers/programmers/etc., mostly) for background material where I can, but I had not thought to search for the status of either penguins or hippos before this, because really, why would you.

I am now debating whether to go back and edit the OOM that mentioned penguins or not. I am mightily entertained by the image of the Camden Aquarium/Philadelphia Zoo's most incongruous wildlife having survived and wound up on the menu- my original plan for the post-nuke penguins- but I have a few other species I can put in the same space instead. The alternative is, FOB5 came out in 2002, and a lot of other Fallout material from that time frame was invalidated when the license got sold to Bethesda, so either the extinct status of penguins can be invalidated as well or it can be said that the only places any penguin species survived were all in areas no one ever expected and therefore did not think about.

Third alternative is, reassign the meaning of 'penguin'. I haven't mentioned anything about them in a culinary context yet so I can just as easily say 'there's things in the river that aren't penguins' was referring to some kind of funerary practice involving dumping the corpses of nuns and/or Pittsburgh sports fans into the Schuykill. I kind of like that one.

.... look, just- if you ever had the idea that you might want a look inside my brain, you probably ought to reassess that, okay? I'm just sayin'.
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Have started working on my next Fallout OOM, as our heroes approach the gates of Philly. Went back to look at some research material.

In the grand tradition of Fallout characters who happen to have the same names as historical personages and who fulfil roles almost identical to said personages, I am going to have people encounter a roving post-nuclear dentist named Painless Parker, after Edgar Randolf Rudolf Parker, Temple University School of Dentistry, class of 1892.
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I should be posting an EP or something at the moment, but I'm tired and I'm at my parents' and I'm thinking no, let me screw around some with my existing characters and others I've got floating in my head.

Which mostly means pairing up my RP/fic characters with their daemons, because I'm trying to sort some things out about a few of them. )
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Note to self: next time you give an RP character a vehicle in his or her backstory, check its price at the time first.

(I gave Adrian Shephard a motorcycle as a teenager and said that he bought it used from a man in the next town over with what money he earned at his after school job at a sporting good store, and then spent the better part of a year restoring the bike to genuinely usable condition. I wound up selecting Buell as the manufacturer because I wanted to avoid overused marques and because the 1989 Buell I saw on an image search looked pretty awesome; I went with the RS1200 model because that was the one in the picture. Didn't realize at the time how expensive they were, even though he'd have bought his when it was about six years old. I have said the specific make and model too many times to feel comfortable retconning, so now I'm handwaving that the bike was half-wrecked and the guy he bought it from had personal financial troubles and was selling stuff off before the repo man showed up for anything else, which has led to the image of Shephard's mom being torn between 'motorcycles aren't even remotely safe' and 'well, he's spending most of his non-school time working extra hours to earn the money to spend extra time working on fixing the thing instead of taking it out on the road, he's not in any danger'. Which I can see, I just hadn't counted on it when I picked the original make and model, is all.)
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This one's more speculative than the one about women, due to severe lack of evidence. )
Long story short: I don't think hormonal birth control ever developed in the Fallout 'verse. Fiftiesesque society would not have survived in recognizable form if it did.
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AUs I did not need: any AU inspired by Weird Al's "Party In The CIA". Even if it's more realistic than comedic.

And especially not if it involves anybody from the Half-Life setting getting a job among der Spooken instead of either the military or Black Mesa.

I have had neither enough sleep nor enough caffeine to process this.
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It's a bit of a mess, but. )

And that, cats and kiddies, is why you don't hear about Baltimore in the Capital Wasteland.


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