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Og here.

It long time since Og come here, talk about movie Og watch. Og sorry. In Og defense Og not watch that many movie for some time. Og spend more time play game on Xbox 360. Pretty sure Og probably get better value for Og hard-earned rabbit skin but that not important now. Og here to talk about movie Og watch last night. Og watch Transformers: Dark of Moon.

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Og here. Og just get back from movie "Transformers 2: Revenge of Fallen".

Og want say first that Og have fun watch movie. Og very pleased with many part movie. Og want make that clear. Now that Og clear on that, Og want say this:




... Og better put spoiler cut here.
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In end, Og sad Michael bay take movie Og want very very much to like and spend so much time try make it funny that Og wind up sulking too much to enjoy rest properly. Og also have trouble follow what goign on with Fallen because most of robot, most of human talk much, much, MUCh too fast to follow properly. Og want know why michael Bay do that. Og probably gonna buy toy from movie, maybe go see again with friend who not see yet, but Og think probably okay movie to wait for DVD.

(One other thing. Og spend whole movie going "Wait, why Fallen sound so familiar? Michael Bay, you hire Keith David? Revenge of Goliath?" But no. Og see credits, Og find out Tony Todd is voice of Fallen. Og not see Candyman, but Og know that name anyway. Tony Todd do voice in Half-Life 2, Episode 2, so this make this movie Transformers 2: Revenge of Gordon Freeman's Bitchy Vortigaunt Friend.)
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It sad, sad day when Og not feel like finish Jet Li movie.

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Og here. Og like start day by read funny pictures in paper. Og paper put funny pictures in same part paper have ads for movies. When Og get paper this morning, Og get look at page have picture very familiar face on it - Jackie Chan. Og stop and look, see words, 'sneak preview'. Hmm, think Og, Og not have much planned this evening. So, Og go, buy ticket, go East Hanover theater for 7:15 showing.

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Og here. Og see two movie today. First Og see "Treasure Planet". Og not know what expect from "Treasure Planet". Man who write about movie for many people to read before go movie say "Treasure Planet" not so good, very lame, very not needed.

Man who write about movie have head up ass. "Treasure Planet" ROCK. "Treasure Planet" MANDATORY movie for person want play Son of Ether. "Treasure Planet" have cyborg pirate. "Treasure Planet" have sailing ships in deep space. "Treasure Planet" have 'winds of the Etherium' which Og think dead giveaway RIGHT THERE of who this movie really for. "Treasure Planet" for people like Og, not like silly man who write about movie. Man who write about movie have head so far up ass - well, Og not talk about that. "Treasure Planet" most visually stunning movie simple cave dude see yet in all 2002, and Og already see "Harry Potter and Big Freaking Snake".

Okay. After Og see "Treasure Planet" Og see second movie. (Well, Og have dinner first, but that not part of story.) Og go see "Die Another Day". Og think "Die Another Day" great fun movie. Og like word friend of Og come up with: Og think "Die Another Day" is BOND-TASTIC.

Oh, sure. "Die Another Day" not have much new. "Die Another Day" have many many things from old Bond movie. Have villain with sense of style. Have weird gadgets and science many people probably think could be real, but no way could work in real world. Have DEATH RAYS FROM SPACE! Have henchmen with strange names, creepy faces. Have two pretty women (although frankly Og think Halle Berry need go somewhere else, get Angela Basset if need Black American woman for any movie where people hit people ever). Have lots and lots of Koreans, which Og think very novel choice for villains. Have fight scenes and flying scenes and silly car chases and BIG BADA BOOMS. Og think maybe if they take some pun bits out of movie it come out better, think if they put someone else in Halle Berry part then maybe movie best damn Bond movie Og ever see, but in end Og really really REALLY like this movie.

In short:

"Treasure Planet": Og want Long John Silver action figure, and want order DVD of movie now now now.
"Die Another Day": It Bond-Tastic!


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