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Went to Best Buy the other day after my REI camping class. I was interested in looking at laptops, but they only had Windows 8 models; when the salesman asked what I disliked about Win 8, I told him that if I wanted AOL as of 1996 I'd build a time machine, that I didn't particularly like the 'oh, you don't need a start button' attitude when the start button was possibly the smartest thing Microsoft had ever put in Windows, that I didn't like the weirdness of having to shuffle from one interface to the other when I wasn't planning on buying a touchscreen, and that if they had a copy of Windows 7 on the shelf I'd buy a laptop and that and blow the hard drive away and install the older OS. He apologetically told me he understood and that they used to have Win 7 on the shelves, but that Microsoft recently 'cleaned them out'. I told him I'd wait and see how Service Pack 1 made Win 8 before buying anything and wished him a better day.

On the way home I took my sweatshirt off. I'd dressed in a base layer, a T-shirt, and a sweatshirt for the class, as well as a base layer and a pair of trousers from REI. The T-shirt got me a startled look and a call of "Hey, wrong city!" from a guy I passed on my bike.

I had to laugh. It was the t-shirt they gave me for my Climb to the Top fundraising, and it said I [insert graphical rendition of a flight of stairs here) NY. I'd've explained to him, but I was on a bike going one way and he was pushing a stroller the other way.
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Wow. CNN just said Ed Koch passed away today. Congestive heart failure, age 88.

I don't normally comment on famous-people-death-things, but... man, when I was a kid I thought once you became mayor, you were always mayor. Because Ed Koch had been mayor since, like, ever. I was dimly aware that there had been other mayors, mostly because LaGuardia Airport was named after Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, but that was the only other mayor of New York City I could name. And, yeah, there were mayoral elections but since Ed Koch always won, I kind of thought they were... I don't know, tokens. An attempt to make sure he was still doing his job, or something.

Countdown to the editorial cartoons involving Koch asking Saint Peter "How'm I doing?", anyone?


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