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Notes From New Vegas 62: Ring-A-Ding-DING, Evil Chandler Bing

When last we saw our heroine, Janice had just had another Wizard of Oz experience thanks to the Floating Head of Howard Stark. Well, not really- Mr. House didn't want to achieve immortality through his reputation or his kid, he wanted to achieve it through not dying- but close enough. It was now time for Janice to go and see about having a little word with Evil Chandler Bing.

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Notes From New Vegas 61: 'Lucky' 38, My Ass

When last we saw our heroine, Janice had just entered the Strip, met Victor the Creepy Robot Cowboy, and been told to report to the top floor of the Lucky 38 Casino to meet with Mr. House. As it 's been a long time since I started writing these things, I don't remember how much I may have said about the Strip or the setting in that regard; my apologies if I repeat anything you already know.

Cut for spoilers, because even years after the game is out, I still care. )
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Notes From New Vegas 60: Back To The A-Plot

When last we saw our heroine, it was late in 2013 in RL and I was just sure I was going to do these things more often. I'm sorry it got away from me. I've had a terrible urge to go back to the Wasteland lately, though, possibly because I'm really tired of post-apocalyptic/dystopian settings that are top-heavy on zombies or arbitrary sorting of people into arbitrary categories. Possibly just because the Capital Wasteland and the Mojave Wasteland are warm, and I've just lived through Boston's snowiest winter on record. Who knows. Point is, I fired up the Xbox the other day and took me down some notes, so we're going back to Janice now.

Spoilers for Fallout New Vegas. I know it came out years ago. DON'T CARE. )
That's it for the moment. I have more notes, but I'm at a Starbucks and I can only buy so many drinks before I start feeling like I ought to give up the seat. More later, when we go INTO THE STRIP (dun dun DUNNNN).
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This one's more speculative than the one about women, due to severe lack of evidence. )
Long story short: I don't think hormonal birth control ever developed in the Fallout 'verse. Fiftiesesque society would not have survived in recognizable form if it did.
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Notes From New Vegas 58: Brains? Seriously?

Spoilers for Fallout New Vegas. )

Anyway, that's it for this session; tune in next time for Lieutenant Worf.
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Notes From New Vegas 55: Right Yes Okay Back In The Saddle Now

I'm pretty sure I can keep doing this on a proper schedule now, honest. )

Anyway, I think that's enough to start off with. When next we meet Janice will have a shiny new follower. Also there will be Elvis. Sorta. More or less.
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Notes From New Vegas 52: Now We Are All Sons Of Bitches

Spoilers for Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road ahead. )... and oh God Janice just leveled up. Gah.
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Notes From New Vegas 51: Oh Dear God What Is That Thing

Spoilers for Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road ahead. )Tune in next time for, well, elevated highway full of horrible death.
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Notes From New Vegas 50: We Can't Stop Here, This Is Allegory Country

Happy Independence Day, everybody. Sorry about the delay. I know I said 'tune in next week', but I've been in the middle of a seriously nasty heat wave and turning on my Xbox tends to create almost as much heat as my air conditioner nullifies. I don't believe in Method gaming, so the Lonesome Road stuff had to wait until the area cooled down a bit.

Spoilers for Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road ahead. )Tune in next week for horrible things with scales on!
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Notes From New Vegas 49: Good Lord, I Never Thought I'd Be Carrying On About This Game For This Long

Okay, so.

Those of you who have been following this feature for some time know where the story stands at the moment, or at least I imagine you do. It's been a while since I began and there was that hiatus in the middle before I started on Dead Money. Those of you who only started reading recently might or might not want to go back and have a look at the earlier parts of Janice's odyssey through Fallout New Vegas- admittedly, the first few entries are more concerned with game mechanics and graphics than with the storyline, since I was just getting used to FNV and its differences from FO3, but still. In that spirit, and the spirit of not making you use the journal tag feature, here are links to parts one through forty-eight of Notes From New Vegas, and then part 49 proper.

Links, and spoilers for part of Fallout New Vegas, behind the cut. )

Thank you for sticking with Notes From New Vegas 1-49. Tune in next week for episode fifty, in which Janice finds out that she probably should've stuck with the razor clawed murder death lizards in the first place. It's just going to be that kind of a day.


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