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Apparently the Fallout Bible 5 indicated that penguins were extinct in the Fallout universe, but that the status of hippos and elephants was unknown. Normally I try to use material from the Fallout Bibles (interviews with the developers/programmers/etc., mostly) for background material where I can, but I had not thought to search for the status of either penguins or hippos before this, because really, why would you.

I am now debating whether to go back and edit the OOM that mentioned penguins or not. I am mightily entertained by the image of the Camden Aquarium/Philadelphia Zoo's most incongruous wildlife having survived and wound up on the menu- my original plan for the post-nuke penguins- but I have a few other species I can put in the same space instead. The alternative is, FOB5 came out in 2002, and a lot of other Fallout material from that time frame was invalidated when the license got sold to Bethesda, so either the extinct status of penguins can be invalidated as well or it can be said that the only places any penguin species survived were all in areas no one ever expected and therefore did not think about.

Third alternative is, reassign the meaning of 'penguin'. I haven't mentioned anything about them in a culinary context yet so I can just as easily say 'there's things in the river that aren't penguins' was referring to some kind of funerary practice involving dumping the corpses of nuns and/or Pittsburgh sports fans into the Schuykill. I kind of like that one.

.... look, just- if you ever had the idea that you might want a look inside my brain, you probably ought to reassess that, okay? I'm just sayin'.
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Have started working on my next Fallout OOM, as our heroes approach the gates of Philly. Went back to look at some research material.

In the grand tradition of Fallout characters who happen to have the same names as historical personages and who fulfil roles almost identical to said personages, I am going to have people encounter a roving post-nuclear dentist named Painless Parker, after Edgar Randolf Rudolf Parker, Temple University School of Dentistry, class of 1892.
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This one's more speculative than the one about women, due to severe lack of evidence. )
Long story short: I don't think hormonal birth control ever developed in the Fallout 'verse. Fiftiesesque society would not have survived in recognizable form if it did.
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You know how sometimes I'll get an image stuck in my head of one of my RP characters in a situation and eventually have to build it into a plot somewhere just to make it happen and get it out?

I need Ellen to encounter this guy. And possibly come home with his shield.

I'm pretty sure he's not anywhere near the Capital Wasteland, though. Interstate 35, in our world, runs from Texas to Minnesota. For Ellen that's an insanely long way, given that her available means of transportation are a) her feet and b) her cow's feet. If I alter the sign a little, to 85, my chances are better; I-85 runs from Alabama to Virginia, and I've never really gone into anything to the south of the Capital Wastes. It might give me a chance to fill in some details while I wait for news about Fallout 4 (so I can decide whether to work with what they give us for canon or just say 'sod it, complete AU', as I'm kind of attached to my idea of the Commonwealth as a GRIMDARK MATRIARCHY OF SCIENCE).

Just thinkin' out loud.
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Random realization about the Fallout universe, or at least about the setting on a day-to-day basis before the Great War:

When I first started playing Fallout 3 I found myself wondering where the air conditioners were on the prewar buildings. Not so much the houses- the house windows were all boarded up, so I assumed any AC units would have been pushed out to be used for scrap or something- but in the office buildings. The DC area gets hot in the summer, but every single office building- even the Congressional offices- had fans among the various world objects you couldn't pick up or interact with. I couldn't find any signs of central air conditioning vents, either. People in the prewar world apparently dealt with being overheated without AC, which had me wondering how far back the divergence went. The first US patent for an air conditioner was in 1906, to Willis Haviland Carrier, with earlier mechanical air cooling systems existing in 1902.

Then Fallout New Vegas came out and several buildings in the Vegas area had AC units sticking out of the windows. Well, okay. Room air conditioners existed; possibly central AC units did too and just weren't... maybe they had different vent styles. And the Vegas area was horrifically hot compared to the mere miserable heat I remembered from DC visits during the summer, so maybe it was just that AC had only really been popular in the hotter parts of the US.

It wasn't until about a week ago when I was wandering through CVS looking for some household cleaning supplies and passed through the seasonal goods aisle that it struck me. The Fallout universe was in the grip of a twenty-year-long energy crisis when the Great War finally hit. And what's the first thing utility companies do when things get hot? Beg people to reduce their load on the grid by either setting their AC units higher or switching to using fans.

(Mind you, the Great War happened in late October, which could also explain the absence of room AC in the DC region. On the other hand, the presence of fans in all of the office buildings would appear to indicate that it was a disgustingly hot October. Perhaps global warming was also in full force.)
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The America's Great Outdoors tumblr had some amazing photographs of Washington, DC today, taken from the top of the Washington Monument. When I hit the last one I wound up thinking of my Milliways character Ellen ([personal profile] aaaaaaaagh_sky), so I had to comment on it here.

(Look, reblogging is easier than shifting pictures around and using image tags, and I'm lazy and haven't had lunch yet.)
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When we last saw our heroine, Ellen was sixteen years old and had just received her GOAT scores. As I mentioned at the time, that was the point when the screen went white for another timeskip, and that's where we begin now. Spoilers for Fallout 3 ahead. )

There we go, then. Our next entry will be Springvale.
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Okay, first things first: I understand that the Fallout franchise has a pretty big fandom and that they're only marginally less terrifying than the kind of people who can read Transformers: Kiss Players and come out the other side thinking they've had a really good comic book experience. Allow me to state here and now that I've never in my life played any of the other Fallout games. Not the original, not Fallout 2, not Tactics, not Brotherhood of Steel- none of them. My entire knowledge of the games comes from Tvtropes, some glances around the Fallout wiki, and the comic series that the Penny Arcade guys did for the official Fallout website. I went straight to Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360 because the wiki indicated that 3 wasn't a narrative sequel. I’m good with that. I'm not really interested in the other games just yet- I mean, I figure I'll play them one day, but right now I'm good with what I've got.

Also, I bought the strategy guide for the game. I've read some of it. I've deliberately avoided the parts that talk about the central plot and anything, anything marked with spoiler warnings, other than an accidental blundering into some of the background info early on in the book. I don't want to be spoiled for this game; I want to blunder through blindly. The character is, after all, sincerely and truly out of her element and it's more immersive this way. At least if I get completely blocked I have the book to turn to- and probably more save files than previously believed to be humanly possible to fall back on. In the meantime, if y'all've played the game or read the info, I'd appreciate it if you refrained from spoilers. Or at least put them in whitetext so people have to check the spoilers on purpose. Thanks.

That being said, on with the show!

Cut for length and spoilers. )
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So I acquired Fallout 3 for the Xbox 360 while I was on vacation this time. I started playing it at [ profile] daniidebrabant's tonight. I will, I think, be alternating between it and Half-Life 2: Episode 1. I need to write up the Half-Life episodes for y'all, but I definitely want to do a Camwyn Stinks At Video Games run on Fallout 3. I've bought myself a strategy guide and read over some of it, but I'm making a point of leaving it at my place when I go to play, so that I get the full flailing experience.

I have decided that while Gordon's response to his in-game situation was "And that's when I knew Baby Jesus didn't love me any more", and Jack's in Bioshock was "I just wanna go home and work on the Kennedy campaign!", the Vault 101 Dweller's- at least so far- is "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH BIG BLUE CEILING BIG SHINY THING IN CEILING WHAT THE HELL." After all, neither she nor anyone else she knows has ever actually been outside. She's got a worse case of not recognizing the real world than most gamers. And I get to periodically stop when she's wandering around the Wasteland, look up at the sky, and RL scream "AAAAAAUGH BIG BLUE ROOM WITH NO CEILING AIEEEE." Agoraphobia's a bitch.

This is gonna be fun.


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