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43 miles yesterday worked out pretty well after all. Didn't have to get off and walk except for the time I stopped to check on a guy (he was having brake trouble) partway up a short steep slope where I couldn't get up enough momentum to start moving. I won't say some of these hills didn't hurt like hell, or that there weren't a few where I verified no one was coming before taking up quite a lot of zigzagging back and forth across the road to effectively reduce the uphill angle of any given stretch, or that I didn't spend an amazing amount of time in the lowest gear/chainring combo Oorah* had available, but... I made it through and I didn't stop on the hills to breathe (I stopped on a few long low upgrades to drink water or swallow a packet of sugar goo- I'm sorry, 'energy and electrolyte replenishment gel'). And I made it through 43 miles in about four hours, maybe four and a half, which is kind of amazing given a) the hills and b) my past approximate times over the 39 miles of the Five Boro Tour. So I'm good.

I did this ride to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, seeing as how a good friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia some months back. Probably going to do more events with them when I can. Other people did this ride for an area homelessness charity, and a lot of others did it for the Seeing Eye, which has its headquarters in the Morristown area. There were blind bicyclists involved. No, seriously. They were all paired up with sighted riders- and on tandem bikes, you know, the old school 'bicycle built for two'? Like that. Sighted rider in the front, blind rider in the back. Bit slow on the uphills because those tandems are heavy, but mother of God do not get in their way on the downhills. There were downhills where people on singleton bikes were hitting forty miles per freaking hour. Those tandems, even if they took the downhills with all their brakes on the way I did, must've been blowing through those downhills like a Japanese bullet train.

Survived the downhills okay, myself, despite the occasional patchy pavement, the sharp turns, and the lack of sunglasses. Fell and bruised my entire right side on the way home after all was said and done, which was not as bad as it could have been because I landed on the rather large duffel I was carrying with my clothing in it, but I would prefer not to do that again.

Next stop is the MS New York ride on October 2nd. Thirty miles, one lap of Manhattan, city streets and highways only.

*The bike was named Oorah some time ago. On the first long ride I took it out for, I was trying to decide on a name for it. I passed a car with a lot of 'my kid is in $MILITARY_BRANCH' bumper stickers, one of which happened to have the Marine Corps motivational slogan 'oorah' on it, and that's when I decided on its name. It was that or Irene, after the hurricane, and that just didn't seem like a wise idea.)
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My company is working with Team In Training to help out with volunteers where we can- one of the guys in Marketing is a very big Team In Training supporter and he set things up. This Sunday, we'll be working with Team In Training to prepare and serve supper for the families at Ronald McDonald House, since dealing with your kid being in Sloan-Kettering for cancer treatment doesn't exactly leave you in any kind of state for wanting to handle your own dinner arrangements. I signed up to help.

I'll be spending the tenth anniversary of 9/11 doing exactly what I did on the first one: handing out food to people who've had way too long a day.
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That ride I'm doing to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society? Postponed. Got the message this morning:

"After coordinating and negotiating with the State Police, the 22 different municipalities through which we will be riding in Northwest New Jersey, and our volunteer support teams, we have made the decision to postpone the ride and all associated events until the weekend of September 18th - the ride itself will be on the 18th."

Which... is something, I guess. Gives me more time for hill practice, and getting my bike brakes tuned. And at least it won't be the day after Grandpa's funeral, so.
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So today I'm going into Manhattan to bike the Central Park loop as many times as I can before my legs fall off, and then I'm going down to the herb store on Ninth Street to get sarsaparilla root and sassafras root to make homebrew soda. I've already got the wintergreen oil (I don't see why I would need wintergreen leaves if I've got wintergreen oil) from a previous batch of root beer, and I bought maltodextrin and cider yeast at the Bowery Whole Foods yesterday (they were out of champagne yeast). I just need sarsaparilla, sassafras, and bottles.

Curse you, Fallout New Vegas. I'd never have even thought of homebrew sarsaparilla if it weren't for you.

ETA: Bought pasteurized goat milk yesterday at the same Whole Foods. I have lipase, mesophilic starter (I think, I need to check), liquid rennet, cheese salt, and calcium chloride. I will begin work on feta cheese tonight when I come home. That has nothing to do with any game, it's just me.
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Is it wrong of me to be looking at the Medio Fondo course for the leukemia fundraiser ride I'm doing and thinking 'maybe I should switch down from 60 miles to 30 miles'?
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64 pushups in two minutes. don't know how much of that was actual upper body strength and how much was the venti-sized iced coffee I made myself this morning. Waited a minute afterwards and then added 16 triceps pushups (with my thumbs and forefingers touching each other directly under the center line of my collarbone) as I have been told this is a good archery exercise and I would like to be able to draw a 55-60 pound bow for pig hunting when the time comes.

Situps later. Doubt I'll be cycling today as the temperature is supposed to go up to 97 and I can barely see the Manhattan side of the East River from the window (normally I can see the Pepsi-Cola sign in Queens from that window) due to haze. My lungs have enough to deal with without inhaling that. But it will all pay off when it's time to ride for the Leukemia society. Core strength prevents back pain from sixty miles hunched over the handlebars, after all.

ETA: 54 situps in two minutes. not in the same hour as the pushups, though, so it doesn't count towards an Army style fitness test. Good to know, though.
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Went to my parents' today, to make getting to the Bedminster training ride that's scheduled for tomorrow easier. Decided I wouldn't take the train any farther than I had to, and so took the PATH to Newark Penn Station, then lit out for Morris County. Fourteen miles.

Had to stop and rest a few times due to the hills along the way. Had to get off and walk in the area between Millburn and Summit. I am not sanguine about my chances on tomorrow's training ride.

Nevertheless, I made it to my parents' place under my own power from Newark, and that is something.
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So I'm going through the company spam filter looking for false positives, as I do each morning, and I hit one message that keeps getting sent out to our executives pretty much every three or four days. 'Your business contact info has been listed in our online directory, here's how you can remove it, bla bla bla'. Nothing special, except the company name: Jigsaw.

And the messages all have the subject line 'A note from Jigsaw'.

[ profile] blackswanevent, you can guess exactly how much wincing seeing this in the spam filter causes me. And I haven't even SEEN those movies.

(Unrelated: I haven't posted bike distance this week because a) my newly replaced tire went flat on Sunday and b) despite me replacing it yesterday it's gone mushy again. I don't currently have the money for a full tire replacement, I'll barely have enough this week to replace the tube professionally since obviously I didn't get it right myself. Also this was Shark Week but that shouldn't interfere with training.)
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14.91 miles today. Then a flat tire. Patch kit, spare tube and pump were at home. Oh well. At least it happened when I was close to a light rail station and already on my way back. I'll deal. And fix the tire later.
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21 miles today. Home to Jersey City to the Hudson River Walkway through Port Imperial, then up to regular roads and down Broadway into Bayonne, then across the Bayonne Bridge and back. Granted, I had to get off and walk for the central span of the bridge, but that was because of a) signs forbidding bicycling and b) the desire not to die. The pedestrian walkway on the central part of the bridge is quite narrow and there is a safety rail that comes up to about a hand or so higher than my waist, but there is no fence atop that save for two areas where the purpose is very obviously to keep idiot pedestrians from climbing up onto the bridge's maintenance access. If the wind picks up while one is crossing the center of the bridge, well... anyway, like I said, I got off and walked there. Made it to the Staten Island side, took a picture of the borough sign, debated picking a mulberry off one of the trees there- they overhang that part of the sidewalk- and opted not to. Turned around and came back home, getting on the light rail at Danforth St. or Ave. or whatever the hell Danforth is, because I'd done the twenty I wanted for the day and I really just wanted to stop pedaling at that point. The last mile came into play because I had to ride home from Hoboken Terminal.

Will be showering in a bit. Right now I just need to sit on something that's wider than my pelvis.
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Somewhat more than sixteen miles today. Home to Hoboken PATH; got off at Christopher Street; made my way to the West Side Greenway; up to 79th Street; over to AMNH. Watched IMAX movie, made mandatory circuit of the Spiral of Time in the Hall of Earth and Space and paid my respects to the blue whale in the Hall of Ocean Life, then took bike and did the Central Park loop incl. Cardiac Hill. (That's what my old skate group used to call it. It's the one you have to go up if you don't take the 102nd Street cut-through but keep following the Park road.) Then back over to the greenway and down to the ferry because I just didn't want to go all the way down to a PATH station. NB: the ferry prices have gotten nasty lately. $9 for an adult, $1.25 extra for the adult to bring a bike along. And then from the ferry terminal home with a brief stop at Starbucks because I really wanted some iced coffee.

Must remember to wear sunscreen next time. The Leukemia Society will not thank me for getting skin cancer in the process of getting ready to raise money for blood cancer.
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Fifteen miles today. And I found a moderately respectable hill in Hoboken. one would think I would remember that Stevens Tech is kind of up on top of a big ol' rock promontory. it's not much, and there are stop signs, but at least it's a local place I can do hill practice.

Oh, and I did my fifteen in an hour and twenty-three minutes. Given how slow I am going up hills this does not surprise me. At least I did respectably on the flats.
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Okay, so, like I said, doing the NJ Gran Fondo at the end of August for Team In Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

If you feel the urge to lend a hand, and you have the means to do so, here's where to go. I promise not to bombard folks with any more requests like this until it's time for Camwyn Climbs The Stairs again next year. But for now if you wanted to lend a hand with kicking leukemia in the crotch, I'd be more than happy to show you where to put the boot.

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Five point seven five miles today. Aiming for 50-75 by the end of August. Gonna enter the Gran Fondo they're holding in Morristown as part of Team In Training (for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society), probably the medio distance of 100km.

because !&*()&!@ cancer, that's why.


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