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So I saw Logan last night.

So... if the anti-mutation genetic stuff was being pushed out in corn syrup, and I assume in fancypants trademarked/copyrighted megacorp-sold corn... then why weren't we hearing that mutants were being born among, like, the Amish? Megacorp efforts to the contrary, not everyone in the world would have been eating processed food, and from what I've seen of Monsanto in the real world, the prospect of gen-modified corn seed being grown by people who hadn't paid their licensing fees to the producers would have resulted in absolutely blinding lawsuits, so people in communities that weren't big on buying highly modified stuff from outside suppliers would have been a lot less likely to have access to the anti-mutant corn in the first place. I mean, megacorps get mad at the prospect of pollen drift across property lines; I have trouble believing these guys wouldn't have prosecuted the hell out of anybody who was growing their anti-mutant corn without a license no matter how badly they wanted to see mutation 'cured'. If nothing else they'd do it to protect their copyright in the public eye.

I'm also pretty sure that countries where maize isn't really eaten by humans and sugar is primarily the product of either cane or beet processing exist. And that Hank McCoy would have noticed something statistically weird going on as soon as the anti-mutant corn gained serious market penetration. Whatever might have happened in Westchester was only a few years ago. For the basic premise of the anti-mutant corn to work, a lot of brilliant mutant science and medicine types would have had to die or otherwise be silenced as early as 2003.

I don't think I missed the Five Minutes That Make Everything Make Sense. It's not like I got up to go to the bathroom or anything.

Date: 2017-04-12 01:47 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, any country that uses cane sugar or beet sugar instead of corn syrup would have naturally born mutants still being born. Which I think means both Canada and Mexico.

And any community that still raises primarily their own food -- Amish, Mennonites, Hutterites -- or is rigorously avoiding heavily processed food -- foodies, 'crunchy' parents, people allergic to corn.

Otoh, it was still a fun movie, and works perfectly well of a man dealing with his father's slide into dementia and his estranged daughter's anger and developmental delays. I mean, if you took out all of the mutant stuff, it could still work as a story.


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