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Took yesterday off. I have a tendency to forget to use my vacation days anyway so the Day Without A Woman thing wasn't a problem; I got my work for the day dealt with ahead of time anyway, just in case.

Understand, my office treats me well and with respect. I get paid a pretty damn good salary for my job and they cover my health insurance and a lot of job training and certification costs. I wasn't trying to strike to make a point with my employers yesterday. I was trying to be part of the group that was pulling out of the economy in general, just for one day. I know it's absolutely nothing compared to what my grandfather and great-grandfather went through as organized manual laborers, and I know it was almost completely symbolic, but I did it anyway. And with all the crap going on in the news lately and the list of Congresspeople's phone numbers and Congressional committee offices' phone numbers in my call log for the past few weeks I kind of needed to step away from things for one day anyway.

(I have something of an urge to print out that list of "OMG THESE NIGHTMARE BILLS WERE INTRODUCED TO CONGRESS WHILE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU WERE DISTRACTED BY THE RUSSIAN THING, YOU MEMESHEEP" legislation and take a match to the printout. Given that at least six or seven of those bills were bills I'd long since called my Congressbeings about, I resent some random widespread image smugly assuming that I wasn't Paying Enough Socially Acceptable Attention To The Right Things. I know it's not directed at me personally but that doesn't make the YOU ARE A MEDIA SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP sense go away any faster.)

Having said that, I spent about an hour yesterday on the Boston Harbor side of the Winthrop shoreline at low tide. There was a lot of sea glass to gather. I wound up throwing one spectacularly blue piece of glass back because it was only barely abraded. It was the bottom of a bottle and the size of the palm of my hand, but you could still see most of the markings, and it was way too thick to wear effectively as jewelry. Not to mention that, like I said, it was barely abraded. It didn't look like sea glass, it looked like interestingly colored trash. So it went back in the hopes that someone else would find it later, when it was in better condition. I got a good number of other pieces the size of a quarter or larger, plus one slightly smaller piece of actual red glass. Not sure how I'm going to mount that, but it's going to be special. You don't see red glass often. The other stuff I'm planning on selling once it's wrapped and I have stringing material to hang it on.

I should note that I also filled a plastic bag from the drugstore with other trash. Standing policy- if I take something I like from the beach, whether it's glass or shells or interesting rocks, I have to take at least one or two pieces of trash away as well. I owe it to the ocean.
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