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Okay, I mentioned that I was going to offer jewelry in exchange for donations- here's the first round of that. Anything in this entry is available in exchange for a $10 donation to the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, Common Cause, or the ACLU. Send me a screenshot of your donation or a receipt, and I'll cover first class shipping.

Loop earrings with sparkly blue beads in the middle

These earrings are made with 20-gauge silver-colored copper wire. The beads in the middle are 8 millimeter blue goldstone, a type of glass imbued with minuscule metal flakes. The earwires are made of the same copper. This specific pair is available right off the bat, or I can make another copy of this design as needed. I can also do this with gold wire and/or one of several different colors of eight millimeter stones. Contact me if you'd prefer one of those.

Aqua colored crystal point on a green cord with a hematite loop in front.

This is a quartz crystal point and if it's not dyed that color I will eat my left shoe with ketchup. Pretty, though. The circle is hematite and is there because I wanted an embellishment. I can leave it out or use a slightly different bead on another copy. I only have about five of these quartz crystals if more than one person is interested, heads up.

Two pieces of seaglass wrapped in different colors of wire and strung on a gold-colored neck wire

This one is wrapped seaglass taken from the shoreline of Boston Harbor near where I live. It's strung on nylon coated beading wire. I can make other seaglass necklaces upon request but for obvious reasons no two pieces will be alike.
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